Protected Natural Space Os Ancares-O Courel (LIC ES1120001).

The devesa de Loureiro is situated where the parishes of Salcedo, Parada dos Montes and Lamaigrexa join. It has an uneven and hilly terrain and is between 450 and 600 m. of altitude, next to the river Loureiro (tributary of the river Lor).

Here you can find typical Atlantic climate woodland, it is north facing and has shady and humid conditions that mean that the principal trees are deciduous with many species of herbaceous shrubs. As well as its interest due to its characteristic nature and landscape, it is also of interest due to its traditions and culture, as this wooded valley was used as fuel for the Ferrería Blacksmith de Loureiro, and vestiges of this past remain (casa de la Ferrería the Blacksmith’s house, the chapel, the old mill and parts of the dam,…).




Located on the border between the councils of A Pobra do Brollón and O Courel and situated in the “souto” do Mazo, you can find what is known as the Sequeiros or Cabañas do Mazo, these make up an important concentration of 12 driers and 6 huts, small buildings of two floors made of stone and wood.

The driers were used to dry the chestnuts, on the ground floor a fire would be made and on the floor above would be a “caniceira”, where the chestnuts would be spread out to dry. The huts were used to keep goats in on the ground floor with the upper floor being used to store the hay that they would eat.

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Devesa Loureiro - Sequeiros de Mazo