Between Ribeira Sacra and O Courel

A Pobra do Brollón has got exceptional natural resources because it crosses two very different territories that give it its special characteristics.

On one side it forms part of the Ribeira Sacra, a wine producing region famous for its terraced vineyards that line the riverbanks. In the region of the council that borders the river Sil, the riverbanks fall steeply down towards the river, creating a perfect image of the symbiosis between humans and nature. The parish of Vilachá de Salvadur is the best example of this type of landscape with its hundred year old “bodegas” wine cellars. Small buildings of stone grouped together in the same place, where the traditional wine festival is held on the first weekend of May.

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The wine-making tradition of the council is complemented by the mountain traditions in other parts of the council. A Pobra do Brollón has an extensive mountain region that in winter is covered in snow but in spring is coloured green and full of water. Mountain villages such as Parada de Montes transport the traveler back to the past and show us how villages were traditionally built to withstand the inclement mountain conditions.

“Soutos” hundred year old chestnut tree groves stand by drying huts, lakes dotted across the mountain sides along with streams and paths scattered everywhere making a spectacular natural landscape that changes constantly with the seasons.

In order to get to know A Pobra do Brollón you need to come with time, without rushing, to allow yourself to get lost and discover with each footstep little surprises that tell you about the past and a way of life in harmony with nature. The best antidote for today’s fast pace of life.


Sequeiros - Mazo
Sequeiros - Mazo