Getting to know A Pobra do Brollón

There are places where it is a pleasure to get lost, where we lose ourselves of our own accord. We get lost but find ourselves on pathways, in chestnut groves, beside a river. This is what happens in A Pobra de Brollón.

The council of A Pobra do Brollón is situated in the south of Lugo province, it belongs to the region of Lemos and forms part of the Ribeira Sacra, as well as bordering the council of O Courel. It’s geographical position means that within the same council there is a wide variety of landscapes and a multitude of opportunities to enjoy the countryside.

A Pobra do Brollón is tradition and nature. Tradition due to a past linked to the “soutos” chestnut groves, to the mountains, to mining, to agriculture and to nature which hides secrets in caves, woods, rivers and their banks. Places not spoilt by humans that allow us to be in harmony with nature.



The rivers Cabe, Saa, Lor and Sil fill this land with life, creating deep valleys. Whilst in the mountain regions in hamlets such as Parada De Montes time appears to have stood still and even gone back to the past. Parada is, without doubt, an essential visit in order to witness traditional mountain life and, close by, in Salcedo, the local culture is directly linked to the traditions of carnival. On carnival Monday the Bear goes out into the streets of the village to frighten the young and old. Over days the locals celebrate the fiesta with theatre and a diverse range of activities which every year attract more and more visitors.

In A Pobra there are numerous “castros” Celtic hill forts, “soutos” chestnut groves, “sequeiros” chestnut drying huts as well as old mines that create strange landscapes, although the majority of them are below ground. Romanesque churches (Veiga and Ferreiros), chapels, mills, manor houses, and bridges like Barxa de Lor complete this wonderful scenery which is there to explore for all who want to get to know this unique region.


In order to fully enjoy the beauty of A Pobra do Brollón you should visit the viewing points:

  • “Catro Cabaleiros”Four Knights is situated in Pena Redonda, at more than 1,200 m of altitude. At this point the councils of A Pobra, Incio, Samos and Caurel join together. It is said that the name given to this place is because in the past it was the spot where the knights of these four councils came together in order to organise the administration of the territory.

  • Os Pasos: is situated near to the hamlet of As Laceiras, from here you can see all of the chestnut woods of Paramedela, as well as the river Lor and the mountains of the Serra del Courel.

  • A Capela: offers excellent views of the banks of the Sil and its terraced vineyards.

  • San Vitoiro is situated on a cliff top in the parish of Saa. From here you have a panoramic view and next to the upper part of this recreation area a traditional “romería”– an outdoor fiesta to celebrate a saint -takes place on the 27th of August.

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